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LyricsSong Title
You're on the edge just stumbling
For a while we pretended we never had to end it
Cut the tension with a knife here
Seeing life in different colours
Can I have I minute? I need to tell you something
You say it's no concern and everything's alright
His lungs collapse on the side of his guitar
Eddie never went nowhere he stayed at home and played his X-Box
We wear the same shirts as our fathers
She's seen my face around but she doesn't even know my name
LyricsSong Title
Silent words are hard to speak
Jealousy keeps containing me
That's what she's done amongst our heads
I feel so damn pathetic my friends just don't get it
Cell phone calls and hashtag I don't knows
Retraced my steps, searched my phone trying to figure out
I need you to need me to stay
I sat in silence living in a world of noise
And I'm afraid that I might be losing you
I'd do anything to try to get to you

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