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Forced Order
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Robin Williams voices two characters out of Aladdin, which two are they?
Cinderella named this little mouse Octavius, what did she call him for short?
In the song 'Gaston' how many eggs did Gaston claim he ate when he was younger?
'Be Our Guest' was a song out of which Disney film?
Robin Hood stole from what and gave to who?
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh was released in 1977, which other film was also released?
Which Disney princess didn't have her own solo?
Which Disney film featured a girl who had magic hair?
Aurora also known as the Sleeping Beauty was given which other name in the film?
In Hercules 'One Last Hope' was sang by who?
In The Lion King where is Simba when he is first attacked by the hyenas?
What are the names of the two dogs out of The Aristocats?
What is Disneys 31st animated feature?
In The Little Mermaid what did Ariel want to be?
How many dalmatians did Pongo and Perdita actually parent?
Who are Cruella De Vil's two evil cronies?
Which two films were released in 1940?
Disney did a sci-fi remake in 2002 of which popular film?
What did Disney name the remake in 2002? (see above question)
Mulan was accompanied by which three animals?
Again regarding the above question what were the names of these animals?
Oliver and Company was set in which US city?
Mary Poppins was what in every way? (two words)
Tarzan was found as a baby after who killed his parents? (looking for it's name)
Dumbo could fly because of which part of his body?
What animal was Stitch referred to throughout the film?
Which Disney princess doesn't have any royal ties?
Which Disney character uses bells to communicate?
Maleficent is the villain in which Disney film?
Who is Captain Hook's side kick?
Flit and Meeko are the companians of which Disney Princess?
How many different forms (change in body) does Jafar have?
Who said 'I never had a rabbit' in the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks?
Never seen an elephant fly(until now) which elephant am I referring to?
In The Little Mermaid what token does Ursula ask Ariel for as a payment for their deal?
Djali is the pet of which gypsy lady?
Pinocchio has a conscience because of which chipper character?
Bambi had a friend skunk by what name did Bambi decide to give this certain friend?
Which film features the song 'Bella Notte'?
Laverne, Hugo and Victor are all what?
Disney also did a film based on the novel written by Lewis Carroll, what is it called?
As sidekicks go Jafar probably had the most annoying, who was the sidekick?
Which 'villains' meow their way out of trouble thanks to a pushover Aunt?
Rapunzel's hair turns to what colour at the end of the film?
Which brother was turned into a bear in the film Brother Bear?
Mickey Mouse is voiced by Wayne Allwine, who gave his voice to Mickey originally?
What was the name of Tod's love interest in The Fox and the Hound?
Who was the villain in The Black Cauldron?
Duchess is mother to how many kittens in The Aristocats?
Which film was released in 1941?

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