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Who does Clara start dating in Series 8?
What is his job?
What does The Doctor call him?
Which historical figure does The Doctor and Clara meet during Series 8?
Easy: Who plays Clara Oswald?
Easy: Who plays the Twelfth Doctor?
Which of the Doctor's enemies does The Doctor and Clara shrink inside and explore?
Who is Missy?
Who is the Cyberman who appears at the end of Death in Heaven, who saves Kate Stewart?
In 'Day of the Doctor' she wore a scarf, what did Osgood wear in 'Death in Heaven?'
In 'Deep Breath,' why did The Doctor say he missed Amy?
What happens to Danny in 'Death in Heaven?'
Which character, whom Clara and The Doctor meet, was Clara surprised to be distantly related to?
Which character as a child did we surprisingly meet in 'Listen?'
Who was the woman in the shop?
At the end of 'Death in Heaven,' who travels through the portal, Danny or the child?
What animal swallowed the TARDIS in 'Deep Breath?'
What was the name of the third episode in Series 8?
Why does The Doctor not get on with Danny to begin with?
What school does Clara work at?
What do we find out the moon actually is in 'Kill the Moon?'
Which three recurring characters appeared in 'Deep Breath?' (Also alphabetical order)

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