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Who plays Ross Poldark?
In which episode do Ross and Demelza get married?
What is the name of Elizabeth and Francis's son?
What relation is Verity to Ross?
What is the name of the late actor who played Charles Poldark, who unfortunately died whilst filming?
What is the name of the autor who wrote the Poldark novels?
What is the full name of Ross and Demelza's daughter?
What is the occupation of Dwight Enys?
I got sent to jail for poaching and I was hurried to marry my girlfriend because she was with child. Who am I?
Which actres plays Demelza Poldark?
What is Demelza's maiden name?
What is the name of Demelza's trusty dog?
In which episode does Demelza give birth?
What is the name of the prostitute?
What is the name of Ross's great aunt?
What was the colour of the dress Ross caught Demelza wearing in Episode 3?
Which instrument do we see Elizabeth play in Episode 4?
Which of the main characters (Ross, Demelza, Francis, Elizabeth) did not get the 'putrid throat?'
True or false. One of the characters die of 'putrid throat.'
What is Ross' middle name?

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