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What is Lucas's full name?
Who is older out of Nathan and Lucas?
What is the full name of Nathan and Haley's son?
Who does Nathan lose his virginity to?
In which season does Quinn James first appear? (In words)
What season does Haley give birth for the first time? (In words)
Who does Lucas end up marrying?
What is the full name of Nathan and Haley's daughter?
What is Haley's dad's full name?
Who is the minister at Lucas's second wedding?
What is the full name of Lucas and Peyton's daughter?
Who does Haley go on tour with to Nathan's dismay?
Who robs Clothes Over Bros in Season 6?
True or False. Lucas has another sibling other than Nathan.
In which episode does Dan Scott die?
Who did Nathan dive in the water to save after his wedding to Haley?
Why did Lucas go to hospital when Haley got hit by a car?
What heart condition does both Dan and Lucas have?
What relation is Cooper to Nathan?
Who ditches Keith at the altar?
What is Jules's real name?
Who's dad does Karen have a fling with?
Who are Jamie Scott's godparents?
Who are the godparents of Jude and Davis Baker?
Who is Jude and Davis's dad?
What is Peyton's birth mother's name?
What is Mia's surname?
Who does Peyton propose to?
Who created One Tree Hill?

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