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Who is The Eleventh Doctor's first companion?
Which accessory is The Eleventh Doctor associated with?
Who plays The Eleventh Doctor?
What was the name of the first episode in which The Eleventh Doctor made his debut?
Who does Amy marry?
In which series did Amy and Rory leave?
Who does The Doctor end up marrying?
What is River Song's birth name?
What relation is River to Amy?
How long did Rory wait for Amy?
Which famous prime minister is The Doctor good friends with?Hint: The Doctor is called by this person early in the fifth series!
Which Harry Potter star played the Scrooge-like character in 'A Christmas Carol'?
What is the name of The Eleventh Doctor's second companion?
Where does the last scene of the episode 'The Big Bang' take place?
What were Amy Pond's last words?Hint: must be precise!
Why does The Eleventh Doctor regenerate?
Which evil leader's life did The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River accidentally save?
How did The Doctor come back to life in the episode 'Let's Kill Hitler'?
What were The Eleventh Doctor's final words?Hint: must be precise!
In The Eleventh Doctor's first full episode, which monster did he, Amy and Rory fight?Hint: the name of this monster not the species!

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