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Can you correctly name the BBC's The Musketeers trivia?

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What is the name of the leader of the musketeers?
Which of the musketeers was the last to join the regiment?
What was the name of the Cardinal's mistress whom Aramis had an affair with?
Which character hired Milady de Winter?
What was the name of the major battle in which Aramis fought in?
What is the name of the current French ruler in 'The Musketeers?'
Who is he married to?
What was the name of the King's older twin brother?
What was the name of this person's son?
Who was the King's father?
In Episode 9 of Series 1, who does Aramis see from his past for the first time in years?
How old was Aramis when he was forced to marry this woman?
Why was he forced to marry her?
What is the name that this woman goes by now?
In Series 2, Episode 1, which musketeer's father is half-revealed?
True or false: Queen Anne has once miscarried a child.
True or false: D'Artagnan has a sexual affair with Constance Bonacieux.Remember, the question says sexual.
What is the name of Athos' wife?
What was name of Vinnie Jones's character in Series 1?
Which musketeer has a child with the Queen?This is what we believe anyway.
What is the name of the widow whom Porthos falls in love with?

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