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Can you name the names and titles used of Jesus in the New Testament?

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Another way of saying 'first and last' in Greek (Revelation 22:13)
Used by the Father at Jesus' baptism (Matthew 3:17)
Self-title/metaphor used by Jesus to emphasise the sustenance he provides. Some have interpreted in eucharistically (John 6:35)
Very common. Literally means 'anointed'
God with us (Matthew 1:23)
Mostly used of the Father in the New Testament but a few times predicated of Jesus also (John 1:18)
Pastoral self-title used by Jesus (John 10:11)
Used by a demon whom Jesus cast out. Means 'set apart' (Mark 1:24)
Used by Jesus throughout the Gospel of John. An allusion to the name by which Yahweh to Moses
Highlights both Jesus' true humanity in identifying him with Adam, as well as him being the revelation of the Father (Colossians 1:15)
Whom the soldiers told Jesus they were looking for. Connects him with a historical place (John 18:5)
Messianic/royal title used by Nathanael (John 1:49)
Paschal title used by John the Baptist on first seeing Jesus (John 1:29)
Powerful animal: ___ of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5)
Very common. Used of Caesars in ancient world and identifies Jesus with Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible
Emphasises Jesus' descent from David (Matthew 1:1)
Very common. Messianic title demonstrating Jesus' close relationship to the Father
Jesus' favourite self-title. Alludes to a mysterious figure in Daniel. Interpreted by the early church as referring to Jesus' humanity
Identifies Jesus with an attribute of God which takes on some personal features in the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Literature (1 Corinthians 1:24)
Identifies Jesus with a similar entity. This played a major role in subsequent christology (John 1:1)

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