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Can you name these famous monks, friars, nuns, sisters or missionaries?

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SignificanceAnswerBirthdate and place (modern countries)
Monk known as founder of Western monasticism for his famous 'rule' and the influence this played in the lives of other religious communities.480, Italy
Patron saint of Ireland who, according to legend, drove out all its snakes.5th century, UK
Monk who wrote 'The Ecclesiastical History of the English People.'673, UK
Nun who, among other things, was a theologian, mystic, and composer.1098, Germany
Man derided by his father for voluntarily taking up poverty. Founded his own order.1181, Italy
Dominican friar whose philosophical theology has exercised considerable influence on Western thought.1225, Italy
Augustinian friar at the forefront of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.1483, Germany
Spanish knight who founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).1491, Spain
Carmelite nun known for her mystical experiences and writings.1515, Spain
Augustinian friar who founded modern genetics. Famous for his experiments with peas.1822, Czech Republic
Nun who later married and started a family choir. Julie Andrews portrayed her in The Sound of Music.1905, Austria
Nun who moved to Calcutta to work with the urban poor.1910, Macedonia

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