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Can you name these countries and states mentioned in Breaking Bad?

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Forced Order
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Jesse considers relocating here (Season 5) (State)
Declan runs his drug operation from here (State)
The hacker who launders Walt's money through the donations site that Walt Jr. set up lives here (Country)
Regarding Hank, Saul suggests Walt 'Send him on a trip to ___' (Country)
Walt studied with Elliott at the ___ Institute of Technology (State)
Gus was born here (Country)
Mike is not licensed as a private investigator here because this state does not require it (State)
Lydia persuades Walt that there is a good market for his product here (Country)
Any one of the places to which Jane and Jesse want to relocate (Country)
Saul suggests Jesse relocate here (State)
Madrigal is based here (Country)
Tyrus sends some illegal workers back on a bus to here (Country)
The Juárez Cartel operates here (Country)
Saul is relocated here (State)
Walt is relocated here (State)
Most Breaking Bad characters live here (State)
Walt impersonates a journalist from The ___ Times (State)
Madrigal's closest office to Albuquerque is here (State)
The plane that crashed over Albuquerque was flying from here to Texas (State)

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