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Can you fill in the gaps of these quotes
'Your ___ tastes awesome'
'Oh, ___ am I?'
'I'd say '___' but I wouldn't want to make you angry'
'We were ___ ___ the whole time'
'Something a little ___'
'How are we supposed to get up on stage at regionals and sell sexy to the judges when I have as much sexual appeal and knowledge as a ___ ___'
'I don't know the first thing about ___'
'One day he'll be at a party and have a few drinks, and then he'll meet some guy and start ___ ___ and he's not gonna know about STD's or using protection'
'I'm sorry if I'm ___' 'You are'
'My lips are sealed... just like ___ ___'
'I don't know if you've heard, but I happen to be an excellent ___'
'All in favour of Kurt being my ___ ___ at regionals'
'I just wanted something a little more... ___'
'Kurt, there is a moment, when you say to yourself ___ ___ ___ ___'
'I've been ___ for you forever'
'Watching you do ___ this week'
'That was a moment for me, ___ ___'
'You ___ me Kurt'
'And this duet would just be an excuse to ___ ___ ___ ___ ___'
'We should, we should ___'
'I thought ___ ___'
'Ok, you're gonna ___ me'
'I think it's ___ I think you're ___'
'And the only people who are gonna be ___ tonight are the people in that audience cos you and I are gonna ___ ___ ___'
'Listen carefully, because I ___ ___ ___ ___ ___'
'You did ___, so did I'
'We got each other out of ___ ___ ___'
'That beats a ___ ___ don't you think'
Can you fill in the gaps of these quotes
'___ gone'
'Isn't it a little insensitive of you to be ___ ___ ___ in my face?'
'and of course you know the ___ room'
'And I heard you two were here ___ ___ ___ ___ all over the place'
'I think I could take a couple of ___ ___ ___ ___'
'What's that saying - the shows gotta go ___ ___ ___ ___ or something?'
'Well if you want that closing spot, then go in there and ___ ___ ___ ___'
'Ms Jones has one last demand - that all of you get your butts out there and ___ ___ ___'
'Are you suggesting that I get a ___ ___?'
'OCD sounds too scientific... I prefer ___ ___ or cleany bug'
'Which means one thing - I have awesome ___'
'According to recent legend I have no ___'
'The only ___ I am is ___ up b****'
'Maybe I'm not down with this week's ___...' 'I like this ___'
'They're less Hebraic and more ___'
'I think I've ___ every one of you'
'I'm both ___ ___ ___ by her Lady Macbethian ways'
'Ok if you're going to be gay you simply must ___ ___ ___ ___'
'From one ___ ___ to another'
'I'll never ___ ___ to you'
'Dude my permanent record has ___ volumes... I don't remember doing half this stuff!'
'Then I asked them to call me ___'
'If I were you I'd check the ___ ___'
'Well the theraputic hour is 50 minutes and you just spent 48 of them ___ ___ ___'
'Well I made a different one for you' 'I'm hispanic... Wait was that supposed to say ___'
'Because you're lebanese and I think I'm ___'
'And Finn, next time, watch out for the ___'
'I'm on the right track baby I was ___ ___ ___, hey!'

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