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If a triangle does not have a right angle and three sides are involved, use the...
When solving simultaneous equations, if the signs are the same you ___ the equations
The angle in a semicircle/at the circumference...
The length of two tangents from a point to the circle...
If a triangle does not have a right angle and only two sides are involved, use the...
opposite over adjacent =
When solving simultaneous equations, if the signs are different you ___ the equations
The perpendicular from a chord to the centre ___ the chord
a running total of data is called...
If a quadratic equation doesn't factorise, use the...
opposite over hypotenuse =
If you have a right angled triangle and an angle is involved, use...
Angles in the same segment/subtended from the same arc...
Multiplier for compound interest rate 5%
adjacent over hypotenuse =
The angle in the alternate segment and the angle between the tangent and the chord...
Opposite angles in a cyclic quadrilateral...
The angle between a tangent and a radius...
To simplify a surd, look for a factor which is...
A cumulative frequency graph normally looks like which letter?
Density =
In a circle, the angle at the centre is___ the angle at the circumference
First method to try when solving a quadratic equations
For histograms, ___ goes on the y-axis

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