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HintDrug nameMore Hints
Inhibits tyrosine hydroxylase, blocks synthesis of DOPA
Competes with DOPA as a substrate, blocking dopamine synthesis. Converted into a methyl NE, an a2 agonist
Inhibits transport of dopamine into synaptic vesicles; can cause depression
Taken up into nerve by re-uptake mechanism, gets stored in vesicle; blocks fusion of synaptic vesicle with cell membrane
a2 receptor agaonist, decreases release of NE by activating pre-synaptic a2 receptors
Blocks NE re-uptake into nerve terminalanti-depressant; use in enuresis
Blocks NE re-uptake into nerve terminalanti-depressant; selective inhibitor of NE uptake
MAO inhibitor; prevents NE metabolism
Increases release of NE from synaptic vesiclesWrite one (there are 3)
Blocks NE and dopamine re-uptake into nerve terminalOne hell of a drug
a1 agonistMydriatic agent; nasal decongestant
a1 agonistIM/IV vasopressor used in shock
a1 agonist'Cold' medication; has sympathetic side effects (increased HR, BP...)
a1 blockerUsed to treat hypertension; adverse effects: hypotension, sexual dysfunction
HintDrug nameMore Hints
a1 blockerUsed to relax bladder sphincter in BPH; adverse effects: hypotension, sexual dysfunction
a2 receptor agonistused in hypertension, helps treat 'hot flashes'
a2 agonistUsed in hypertension; product of a methyl dopa
a2 blockerIncreases NE release, angiotensin II (vasoconstrictor)
a1 and a2 blockerAntidote for a1 adrenergic vasoconstriction
a1 and a2 blockerTreatment of pheochromocytoma (benign cancer in adrenal gland)
B1 agonistUsed in IV cardiogenic shock to support cardiac activity, maintains urine flow (unlike NE)
B1 blockerActs on ventricles; decreases HR
B1 blockerActs on ventricles; does a better job at not constricting airways while lowering HR
B1 and B2 blockerActs on ventricles, but also constricts airways
B1 and B2 blockerMixed a/B agonist; used to treat high BP
B1 and B2 blockerUsed to treat glaucoma (eye drops); blocks B receptors in ciliary epithelium to reduce aqueous humor production
B2 agonistBronchodilator, peripheal vasodilation; used for asthma or emphysema

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