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M agonistReversible action on AChE; treats myasthenia gravis; helps contract GI and urinary tracts
M agonistReversible action on AChE; treats glaucoma by facilitating aqueous humor outflow
M agonistReversible action on AChE; helps with memory problems; helps treat Alzheimer’s disease (CNS)
M agonistIrreversible action on AChE; treats glaucoma
M agonistInsecticides that were dangerous to humans
M blockerTreats muscarinic poisoning; does not reactivate AChE; treats bradycardia, dries pulmonary tract during surgery
M blockerTreats muscarinic poisoning; given after atropine; can restore AChE before it is fully inactivated
M blockerShort-acting mydriasis
M blockerTreats motion sickness (no emesis); can cause sedation and dry mouth
M blockerTreats asthma (long-action)
M1 blockerTreats ulcers
M1 and M4 blockerTreats Parkinson’s disease
M3 agonistNot hydrolyzed by AChE; treats glaucoma by contracting ciliary muscles to let aqueous humor flow into canal of Schlemm
?M agonist?Not hydrolyzed by AChE; acts on GI and urinary tracts to increase tone in bladder and intestines after surgery

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