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Mindless Triv:Answer:
Type of decode system used by 'The Network' out in the Zone in 'The Running Man'
The Code Amber has to remember for Weiss (no spaces)
How she first mistakenly recounts the code for Weiss
Jurasssic Park - What kind of system is it?
Apparently all hackers are
What needs to compensate for the Number 5 shutdown
Makers of the Series 5000 Mechanoid
Name of the computer on the Scott Fitzgerald
Takes over the running of Red Dwarf from Holly
This computer is one step ahead of IBM
Name the computer in Judge Dredd
Name the computer in Demolition Man
Name the Android in the film of the same name
Mindless Triv:Answer:
He's not an Android.....
She's the prototype of the perfect working class
Living tissue over metal endo-skeleton, but whats its model number?
Name the computer in Alien
Model of 'Ash' in Alien
Which Android thought the above were always 'A bit Twitchy'
What does he have that Ash Doesn't?
Who ran the bypass for Apone?
Name of the computer in War Games
The Password to access IT?
The alternative to a Game of Chess
Cosmo and Marty have their quiet conversation sitting on this make of Supercomputer
Sing with me and find the Key

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