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iCarly funny sidekick, Best friends with Carly, Goes to Ridgeway Junir High, Twins with Melanie, Loves Meat, I known to be Agressive, Girlfriend to Freddie
hippie science teacher at Ridgeway Middle School. Spencer once had him as a science teacher, but complained that he smelled like rotting wood
Friend to Spencer, Makes wacky socks
Artist Legend and Spencer's Hero and inspiration to becoming an Artist
very odd and ridiculous personality. She is a great magician, supposedly making a ball of paper vanish
mean maths teacher and detention moderator with an extremely unpleasant personality
one of Spencer's fish that he had for two days before it died from starvation
Technical Producer for iCarly, best friends with Carly, Boyfriend to Sam
spoiled child actress, where she acts mean to the iCarly gang and her dog vomits on Freddie
Victim of Spencer's garlic powder prank
Carly's ex Boyfriend who is a cheater for having many girlfriends without telling the other
was Carly's best friend, because both of their fathers were stationed at the same naval base at Seal Beach when they were 7
two Japanese webstars antagonists whom iCarly competed against, They attempted to ruin iCarly's chances of winning the iWeb Awards by stranding them in the middle of nowhere
Gibby's girlfriend, Gibby temporally breaks up with her after believing that she was cheating on him with Freddie when he sees her on top of him
Spencer's old arch rival
an elderly woman that Gibby met while riding down the street on his bike in 'iDo'
made his first appearance is 'iRocked the Vote' competing with Wade Collins
Kid who can fit his entire foot in his mouth
Spencer's Assisstant before he tells Spencer that he doesn't want to be his Assisstant anymore
Owner of the Groovy Smoothie
biology teacher
Mother of Sam and Melanie
invited to a dance by Carly, when about to invite him, accidentally spat in his eye. Sam ended up telling everyone, and even tweeting about it to all of iCarly's Twitter followers
Brother, Artist and Legal Guardian to Carly
leader of the band that played in 'iCarly Saves TV'
was Freddie's girlfriend, but was actually using him for her webshow so that it could overshadow iCarly
a psychotic and lonely girl who is a crazy fan of iCarly and has no friends except for her chicken and her parents leaving her to her own devices
Girl screamed at
one of Spencer's fish, the first one that we hear flushing down the toilet
Science teacher that assigns a project for Sam and Carly
teacher who gives Carly an 'F' for writing a report on Bigfoot
are two young teenage boys who cohost a web show, The two are good friends, but have very differing opinions, such as the personalities of Carly and Sam.
She wears very poor fashioned makeup, including sky blue eyeliner and heavy pink lip wear
a bad boy that Carly dates, He steals Spencer's motorcycle and Spencer takes him under his wing
She was once a Pop Music Award-winner but is revealed to have lost her talent and gone crazy, throwing forks at people when she is angry. She has a 6-month-old son named Billy,
Mytherious Girl who visits Spencer when iCarly gang go to space
Dangerously Stupid Interm that was hired for iCarly, Without Freddie's OK
Younger brother of Spencer's nemesis
Nevel Papperman's Grandmother who as he recalls is hopelessly confused
Friends and Classmate to Carly, Sam and Freddie, Brother to Guppy
She is seen bullying the students in Ridgeway and torturing them (e.g. holding a younger student by his legs for not saying 'bless you' after she sneezed)
when Freddie steals his stapler. After seeing Freddie with the stapler, he simply takes it back and Freddie goes unpunished
Freddies overprotective Mother
Interm hired for iCarly, he makes Fudge for people
Nora's chicken that she treats like a person
Spencer's date, She is a foreign woman from Uzbekistan. She speaks no English at all
Owner of Bushwell Plaza
girl who talks fast but is friends with Carly and the gang
appear in the special 'iDo'
Chuck and Chip's Father who has a potential to grounding
girl seen in the extended version of 'iSaw Him First'
Science teacher, never seen in any episodes but mention at
friend of Carly, Sam, and Freddie who is also part of the Mathletes club with Freddie
appear in the special 'iDo'
Carly's first love interest, Turns out to be a terrible singer
a top 10 MMA fighter
He had never been caught on video because he sneaks in before robbing a place and disables the cameras. This changes when Freddie uses his spy glasses and catches him
mentally unstable, verbally abusive, and possibly bipolar history teacher at Ridgeway
Lewbert's former lost love, She is called ' Monster' by Lewbert a few times
The first Lady who appears in Carly's apartment after seeing that Carly misses her father very much
an extreme Seddie fan best known for shouting 'SEDDIE!'
one of those auditioned for the talent show, he could say anything backwards
Seen dressed in a chicken costume
Known for his great cream pie recipes
teacher who recommended Carly to go to his brother-in-law Dr. Rick Schaffer, who is a plastic surgeon, because he thinks Shelby Marx will disfigure Carly's face
Bushwell Plaza's horrible Doorman
psycho student in Ridgeway who likes to wrestle
Gibby's younger brother
Evil Boy who Assaults Spencer
British-Canadian aspiring singer and a shouter who refers to Americans as 'hobknockers'
iCarly award for 'most interesting yet frightening tongue of all time'
drama teacher who gave Sam a 'D-' for her play, 'The Prisoner who Just Wanted Some Soup and the Man who Refused to Give Him Some'
Pageant Girl who won 99 pageants
one of Spencer's fish that he tests his automatic fish feeder, Carly ends up taking him back to the pet store
was Gibby's crush, she appeared to have a crush on Freddie, but Freddie wanted nothing to do with her
student at Ridgeway who sells random items for obscene prices
Superintendent at Ridgeway Middle School and Principal Franklin's boss
Victim of Spencer's garlic powder prank
childhood rival of Spencer. His name refers to the fact that he likes to spank unsuspecting people as a joke
Kid who is often seen beatboxing with a mic around the school
He is the guardian angel who granted Carly's wish for Spencer to become normal
Principal at Ridgeway Junior High
guy who could squirt milk out of his eye
an obsessed fan of iCarly, She is loud and outgoing, and is considered insane and annoying by the iCarly gang
Carly and Spencer's father who is a Colonel in the United States Air Force
girl at Carly's school, who refered to as Lame
Nevel Papperman's Mother
Twins with Sam
Cheif Fireman who dislikes Spencer's 24/7 emergency calls for fires
He hires the iCarly kids to endorse their new athletic shoe, the Techfoot, on their webshow
Band that performs on iCarly
Freddie's friend who Sam and Carly both have a crush on after seeing him enter during a webcast
Sam's boyfriend, obnoxious and rude as Sam, ersonality which made Sam fall in love with him
Sam pretends to faint so Shane could kiss her. She tries to shock Sam awake, but Sam stops her
He arrests Spencer in 'iWant More Viewers' due to a sign that he and Freddie made, that malfunctioned and caused a series of accidents, spelling out 'Pee on Carl.'
iCarly gangs mean English Teacher
Nora's Crazy Father who goes camping after she is released and even though the iCarly gang explained everything that happen he turned out to be just a psycho as Nora
She told Carly, Sam, and Freddie that Ms. Ackerman's boyfriend broke up with her
Computer teacher at Ridgeway
She is the youngest champion in the CFC and becomes a friend of Carly, Sam and Freddie
Victim of Spencer's garlic powder prank
lazy math teacher, when Carly loosens the bolts on her chair. She says that she will get 2 months recovery
Spencer's date, but their relationship happened only because of his tuxedo
trumpet player on a pogo stick. Carly and Sam chose her to be one of the students to perform on the talent show, but Ms. Briggs rejected her because she did not consider her act as
Teacher at Ridgeway whose name is made fun of
He is known for being snotty and very strict to his students
Kid at Ridgeway who is always seen sneezing
Carly and Spencer's paternal grandfather who lives in Yakima, Washington
hired by Mrs Benson to protect Freddie from the Shadowhammer
Webhost for iCarly, best friends with Sam and Freddie, goes to Ridgeway Junior High
World's best Pak Rat player since 16 years old, Spencer beats her score
Nora's Demented, Crazy Mother who invites the iCarly gang to a Norwegian supper, traps Spencer on a wheel in the bassment, Refuses to let the iCarly gang leave including Nora and M
one of Carly and the gang's friends on the show
Mother to Gibby and Guppy
He is very strict and usually seen coming out of the teacher's lounge when there is an emergency
Carly's assistant, He was helping her with a school science project during Green Week in Mr. Henning's class
Germ'free Boy who becomes Enemies with the iCarly Gang, in episode ' Spoiler' he screams at a little girl, He is always trying to torchure iCarly with his Rueing
Friend to Spencer, Sells cars for cheap prices
Super Smart Interm who acts Stupid, hired by Freddie without Carly and Sam's OK

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