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Distinguishing FeaturesCat Breed
Beautiful ticked tabby coat
Tail reaches halfway to the hock
Curled ears
Ideal hearth cats
Thin and wiry hair
'Domestic reproduction of a leopard'
Sacred Cat of Burma
Named for the black leopard of India
Remarkable for its roundness
Burmese with coats of many colors
Bred between Persian 'Sanquist' and Burmese 'Faberge'
Similar in concept to the Ocicat
Named after the fine-quality Spanish wool
Lack one of the two kinds of hair that make up the topcoat
Wavy coat - natural mutation in a field cat found in Devon, England
Name means 'cat' in Egyptian
Named for the brown Cuban cigar
Stubby tail resembles a rabbit's tail
Come only in blue-gray with a silver tipping
Curly coats - perms
Well-suited to Maine
Called a 'rumpy' when completely tailess
Distinguishing FeaturesCat Breed
Feline version of the Dachshund
Bred between Siberian and Turkish Angora
Bred to look like wildcats
Shorthaired Persian
Dense-coated Persian
Named for willingness to go limp in your arms
Luminous quality of its silver-tipped coat; name is German for 'creature of the mist'
Longhaired and shorthaired; 'folds'
Adults lose the curly whiskers they had as kittens
Longhaired Siamese
Sveltan Siamese
Busy, talkative, curious Siamese
Like to climb and to retrieve objects; Siamese
Gentle, friendly, loyal cats from Russia
Discovered on the streets of Singapore
Inverted white 'V' on its face
One word: hairless
Best characteristics of Burmese and Siamese
Ancient breed from the 1400s found in Turkey
Famous for its love of water
A true lap cat

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