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2NE1Maknae - Leader
2PMMaknae and vocal
2PMDream high and thaï prince
2PMOkcat and vocal
B1A4Maknae and rapper
B1A4Angel voices
B2STLeader and fake maknae
B2STRapper and troublemaker's member
B2STMaknae and lead dancer
BAPAppa and Umma
BAPVocal line
BAPMaknae line
BigBangGenius leader and charistmatic rapper
BTOBAppa and Omma
BTOBMaknae line
CN BlueLeader and guitarist
EXOBaozi and troll
EXODeer and poker face
EXODragon and panda
EXOGuardian angel and licorn (pegasus jk)
EXOEyeliner and happy virus
EXOOwl and sexy dance machine
F(x)Jessica's sister and tomboy
FT IslandGuitarist line
FT IslandHongki is single~
InfiniteVisual line (god line)
InfiniteHamster and rabbit
InfinitePorn in korean
MBLAQRich and ninja assassin
missAGorgerous girls
missATalented girls
SecretLeader and maknae
SecretRapper and vocal
SHINeeFlaming charisma and dance machine
SHINeeOmma and dino
SNSDCalifornia girls
SNSDActress and black pearl
Super JuniorChinese and diva
Super JuniorAngel and scandal's boy
Super JuniorMonkey and fish
Super Junior(K.)R.Y
Super JuniorMaknae and aegyo king
Teen TopLeader and lips
Teen TopRapper and vocal
DB5KTHE pairing of Kpop
DB5KDolphin and actor
VIXXLeader and rapper
VIXXBarbie and poker face chic
VIXXMaknae and vocal

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