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What year did the Magic Kingdom open?Magic Kingdom
What is the icon of the Magic Kingdom?Magic Kingdom
How many happy haunts are in the Haunted MansionMagic Kingdom
What restaurant is based on Beauty and the Beast?Magic Kingdom
Which ride is based on Song of the South?Magic Kingdom
What is the large gift shop on the side of Main Street called?Magic Kingdom
What ride is famous for their puns and bad jokes?Magic Kingdom
Which ride has 'goodbye' written in many different languages?Magic Kingdom
What are the names of the 2 Space Mountain tracks?Magic Kingdom
What character is the Barnstormer based on?Magic Kingdom
What is the icon of Hollywood Studios?Hollywood Studios
What rock band stars in the Rock'n'rollercoaster?Hollywood Studios
Who turns into a dragon in 'Fantasmic!'?Hollywood Studios
What other Disney Parks turnstile is almost identical to Disney's Hollywood Studios?Hollywood Studios
What Disney movie has a stage adaptation in Hollywood Studios?Hollywood Studios
Who ends up driving the ship in Star Tours?Hollywood Studios
Who blows up the MuppetVision 3-D theatre at the end of the show?Hollywood Studios
What room does the pre-show take place in for the Tower of Terror?Hollywood Studios
Can you take a monorail to Hollywood Studios?Hollywood Studios
What ride has the front half of a plane, while the Jungle Cruise has the back half?Hollywood Studios
In what ride can you travel through greenhouses?Epcot
What famous sea turtle can you talk to in The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion?Epcot
What is the fastest ride in Walt Disney World?Epcot
What ride has two different intensities, green and orange?Epcot
In what ride do you travel through time?Epcot
Name one of the 11 World Showcase countries.Epcot
What are the 2 areas of Epcot?Epcot
What ride stars Ellen and Bill Nye?Epcot
What ride was in the Norway Pavilion before Frozen Ever After?Epcot
What Raytheon sponsored ride could you design your own thrill ride?Epcot
What is the largest Walt Disney World ride by area?Animal Kingdom
What is the most expensive roller coaster ever made?Animal Kingdom
What mythical animal is a parking section in Animal Kingdom?Animal Kingdom
In what Animal Kingdom ride do you travel back in time?Animal Kingdom
What water ride is based on conservation?Animal Kingdom
What is the name of the African village in Animal Kingdom?Animal Kingdom
What Disney movie has a musical adaptation in Animal Kingdom?Animal Kingdom
What vehicle do you have to take to get to Rafiki's Planet Watch?Animal Kingdom
What ride is supposed to be a carnival ride where you 'travel back in time'?Animal Kingdom
What ride is inside of the Tree of Life?Animal Kingdom

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