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Can you name the answers to the questions about Minerva McGonagall?

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When is her birthday?
What is her blood status?
What was her father's occupation?
Where did she grow up?
What were her two younger brothers called?
Her school career overlapped by two years with which other future Hogwarts Professor?
What is her animagus form?
She fell in love with a muggle farmer's son at what age?
What subject does she teach at Hogwarts?
She was head of which Hogwarts house?
What shape glasses does she wear?
What was the name of her husband?
What did he die from three years into their marriage?
What is her first line in the Harry Potter books?
What is her last line in the Harry Potter books?
What does she transfigure her desk into in Harry's first ever Transfiguration lesson?
Which Hogwarts staff member kissed her on the cheek at Harry's first Christmas feast?
What did she give to Hermione at the beginning of the trio's 3rd year?
What type of biscuit does she offer Harry when Umbridge sends him to her in his 5th year?
How many years had she been teaching at Hogwarts by the December of Harry's 5th year?
How many stunners was she hit with while Harry's year were sitting their Astronomy OWL?
Which unforgivable curse did she use on Amycus Carrow shortly before the Battle of Hogwarts?
What spell does she use to bring the statues and suits of armour to life before the Battle of Hogwarts?
With which two people does she duel Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts?
What core does her wand have?
Which professional Quidditch team does she support?
Which actress plays her in the Harry Potter film series?
Minerva is also the name of the goddess of wisdom and war of which ancient civilization?

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