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Can you name the characters who said the Downton Abbey quotes from series 3?

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Miss O'Brien, we are about to host a society wedding. I have no time for training young hobbledehoys.
I'm so sorry I thought you were a waiter.
Oh dear, have you swallowed a dictionary?
I don’t want thumbscrews or the rack, but there always seems to be something of Johnny Foreigner about the Catholics
Well you started it.
As long as you are tame.
Have you changed your pills?
Are you afraid you'll be converted when you're not looking?
Here comes the bride.
You must take a tip from a modern American girl.
We all live in a harsh world, but at least I know I do.
He made a mistake. You're still in one piece. Why do you have to be such a big girl's blouse about it?
Stop whining and find something to do.
Well done Papa. Your reward will be to join the Ladies' lunch.
Get back in the knife box Miss Sharp.
Mary was never going to marry on the cheap.
I am not dressing a chauffeur.
All my life they've pushed me around, just 'cause I'm different.
Do I look like a frolicker?
I've told you before, if we're mad enough to take on the Crawley girls, we have to stick together.
Well it'll be a relief for them to know you no longer want them burned at the stake.
There's nothing to do at the house except when we entertain.
Mrs Hughes said we all have lives to lead, but that isn't true. I've got no life. I exist, but barely.
At my age, one must ration one's excitement.
You're in the soup. I wouldn't be in her bad books for a gold clock.
Have you done something jolly with your hair?
No, but I bought a garter.
I feel like a Chigaco bootlegger
I hope so, because if you try to find one more excuse not to accept the money, I'll have to beat you about the head.
Some manners wouldn't go amiss.

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