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Is there anything more thrilling than a new frock?
What is a weekend?
You should learn to forget what I say. I know I do.
My fortune is the work of others who laboured to build a great dynasty.
Sometimes you're not at liberty to speak. Sometimes it wouldn't be right.
I'm afraid Edith will be the one taking care of us in our old age.
They're just our employers. They're not our flesh and blood.
What is the first law of service? We do not discuss the business of this house with strangers.
I have plenty of friends I don't like.
Keeping up standards is our only way to show the Germans they will not beat us in the end.
Thomas is lovely isn't he? He's funny and handsome. He's got such lovely teeth.
I believe in what we're fighting for,and I want to do my bit.
Don't look so bewildered, it's simple. I will drive the tractor.
No! Listen to me! And take those kidneys up to the servery before I knock you down and serve your brains as fritters.
This isn't her territory. We can say what we like down here.
I'm sorry you haven't received more invitations. But then, after four Seasons, one is less a debutante than a survivor.
Why shouldn't she learn to cook and scrub? She may need it when the war's over. Things are changing. For her lot and us, and when they do I mean to make the most of it.
Do you promise?
To dry the ink, silly. We wouldn't want his Lordship's hands to be as black as yours.
You're American. You don't understand these things.
I never would've taken her there. I may be a Socialist but I'm not a lunatic.
What should we call each other?
No one ever learned anything from a governess except for French and how to curtsy.
Are we to be friends then?
See here... none of the rooms belong to you... I am in charge of your welfare and that gives me every right.
Oh, my Lord. Listen to that. It's like the cry of the banshee.
Why are the papers ironed?
I don't see why I couldn't just refuse it.
Oh, you know Mary. She likes to be in at the kill.
Don't worry Carson. I know all about hard decisions when it comes to the honour of Downton.

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