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Languages includeNameOccupation
Mermish, Gobbledygook, ParseltongueHeadteacher
Japanese, Russian, DanishSecret agent
Spanish, Russian, MandarinDiagnostician
Galactic Basic, Huttese, JawaeseProtocol droid
Chimpanzee, kangaroo, rhinocerosDoctor and naturalist
Mandarin, American Sign Language, KlingonAerospace engineer
French, Italian, LilliputianTraveller and doctor
Dutch, French, language of the apesWild man and British earl
Morporkian, beTrobi, KlatchianWizard
English, KuUN interpreter
French, Russian, GnommishChild genius
Languages includeNameOccupation
French, Sycoraxic, GallifreyanTime Lord
French, Latin, GermanConsulting detective
Japanese, Spanish, CheyenneX-man
Sanskrit, Latin, AramaicArchaeologist and college professor
German, Latin, Old IcelandicScientist and subterranean explorer
English, French, AtlanteanCartographer and linguist
Latin, Sumerian, JapaneseLibrarian and Watcher
Westron (Common Speech), SindarinRanger and monarch
French, Italian, GermanLiterary scholar and paedophile
Numerous, including English and SpanishStudent and vampire
Romulan, Klingon, VulcanStarfleet commander

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