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CharactersActorsHave you had your Cheetos today?
Jennifer Jareau 'JJ'Likes wine, Emily, and Cheetos.
Emily PrentissLikes wine, JJ, and JJ's boobs.
Toronto Ontario LeBlanc 'Tori'God, she ships it.
Alicyn Newton-JohnSleeps with Tori, and loves it.
LumberjackieLoves to camp.
Calgary Alberta LeBlanc 'Cal'Tori's older brother. He makes her look Swedish.
Zzyxyz California LeBlanc 'Cali'Is this bitch ever not pregnant?
Will LaMontagneThe Third Will
David JareauJJ loves her brother
Henry LaMontagneSwaggerflake
Jeanne TripplehornBitch can bake
Julie BenzShe's herself, but more
Uncredited Shirtless DayplayerHe's banging a Cat Lady
Hope SoloShe has saws.
Elle GreenawayShe started the magical lesbian sweater
QueeniePossibly JJ's first, definitely played soccer with her
Mrs. CarterHenry's teacher, she did not know his mother was married to a man.
Portuguese Mafia, Jewish factionShe's the entire organization
Sam, the grandmotherWe don't talk about it.
SamWe still don't talk about it.
Puppy GirlGirl is fabulous, and Henry wants her.
Mitchie 'The Sausage' DieselOH MY GOD YOU KILLED KENNY... AGAIN!
Nadia 'The Actual Supermodel' RodriguezModels don't read, but they make good arm candy.
Claire AshfordHenry's girlfriend.
THE CAST!All of them.
CharactersActorsHave you had your Cheetos today?
Penelope GarciaFabulous tech kitten.
David RossiHe has a lot of wine.
Erica WallaceHenry's favorite babysitter, you never see her feet.
Eric WallaceHe's not gay, really.
JoeWe're never sure when he's dating Jeanne, actually.
Aaron HeifHe's kind of obsessed with JJ, but no one knows why.
Mariska HargitaySadly, she doesn't bag any perps.
William Clinton WhiteHe hangs out with Mitchie and Nadia, a lot.
Creeper SteveHe creeps from across the road.
Lindsay BoxerNot nearly as butch as she appears.
Veronica NeptuneActually not a former teen detective, but she knows one in real life.
Boston Beckwith 'Freckles'Nymphomaniac and bra hater
Olivia Newton-JohnConstantly dancing. Constantly, and also Alicyn's mom.
Mildred BondShe births them pretty little Bond babies.
Valentina JillowiczActually a hooker and a sandwich.
Jessica FrenchNot on a milk carton, but Henry does miss her.
Magenta FlannchadhPark ranger
Clancy BeauforthAppreciates a good freckle.
Wayne LeBlancThe LeBlanc father.
Timothy OlivierHe's terrible at karate in this one, go figure.
Alexander JacksonMale model and extraordinary mechanic
James BondLess international man of mystery and more excellent sommelier
Jody LeBlancThe LeBlanc mother.
Matt LeBlancActual cousin and foodie.

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