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InitialsMovieYear & Actor/Actress
GHTTG(2010) - Russell Brand
TTOP123(2009) - Denzel Washington
M:E2A(2008) - Chris Rock
KU(2007) - Seth Rogen
EOTM(2006) - Jessica Simpson
WOTW(2005) - Tom Cruise
TBE(2004) - Ashton Kutcher
TCITH(2003) - Mike Myers
MBN(2002) - Sandra Bullock
PH(2001) - Ben Affleck
GI60S(2000) - Nicolas Cage
CI(1999) - Sarah Michelle Gellar
SIL(1998) - Joseph Fiennes
TLW:JP(1997) - Julianne Moore
TNP(1996) - Eddie Murphy
DHWAV(1995) - Bruce Willis
InitialsMovieYear & Actor/Actress
DAD(1994) - Jim Carrey
SIS(1993) - Meg Ryan
WW(1992) - Rob Lowe
RH:POT(1991) - Morgan Freeman
KC(1990) - Arnold Schwarzenegger
TWOTR(1989) - Michael Douglas
WFRR(1988) - Bob Hoskins
TMAAB(1987) - Tom Selleck
TG(1986) - Tom Cruise
TJOTN(1985) - Michael Douglas
F(1984) - Kevin Bacon
TOE(1983) - Jack Nicholson
AOAAG(1982) - Richard Gere
FYEO(1981) - Roger Moore
TBB(1980) - Dan Aykroyd

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