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Can you name the additional Harry Potter facts found on Pottermore?

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Minerva McGonagall's husband
Quirinus Quirrell's blood status
A student whose Sorting takes more than five minutes
Secondary storylines that were cut before the final drafts of the books
The room in which Vernon proposed to Petunia
The core of Garrick Ollivander's wand
Professor Quirinus Quirrell belonged to this Hogwarts house
Thought to be the greatest wizard of all time; sorted into Slytherin
The Minister for Magic who suggested the use of a train to transport students to Hogwarts
Minerva McGonagall's first love
First intimation for the character of Luna Lovegood
McGonagall's favourite quidditch team
Newt Scammander's Hogwarts house
This teacher keeps cupcakes in his desk and will make them dance for troubled students
Minerva McGonagall's mother
Professor McGonagall was named after this relative

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