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Forced Order
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The 3 _____________ CursesDefense Against the Dark Arts
An object or being that contains a piece of someones soulDefense Against the Dark Arts
In year 2 when class is turning animals to goblets, Ron's goblet sprouts a what?Transfiguration
Mcgonagall's AnimagusTransfiguration
Felix Felicis. Also known as...Potions
Harry Saves Ron's life (Year 6) with a _________.Potions
Accio is a __________ charmCharms
Wingardium ________Charms
The name of the book that needs its spine stroked to read?Care of Magical Creatures
The animal with such pure blood it is a crime to drink or even touch?Care of Magical Creatures
Incendio is a charm used to defeat what plant when it imprisonates Ron?Herbology
Mandrake or Mandragora have a scream so fatal what accessory is needed to insure your saftey?Herbology
The 2 witches that helped to found Hogwarts.History of Magic
The textbook 'A History of Magic' is written by...History of Magic

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