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Another Senator
Who lead the conspirators?
The name of the play
Tribune critical of Caesar
Who is a faithful servent to Cassius?
Who refuses to hold the sword for Brutus?
Tells Brutus his wife is dead
Brutus' boy servent
Who refused to hold the sword for Brutus?
A personal follower of Brutus
A conspirator
Who leaves Caesars fate to a letter?
Who wanted to kill Mark Antony?
Who convinces Caesar to go to the capital?
One of the three Triumvirate
A Senator
Who wouldn't dare hold the sword for Brutus?
Who has the same name as a poet?
Who held the sword for Brutus to kill himfel?
A Senator of Rome
One of the three Triumvirate
A conspirator
Tribune critical of Caesar
Who had a nightmare about Julius Caesar's death?
Who tells Caesar to beware the Idles of March?
Who is Brutus' wife?
Officer of Brutus
Who is Julius Caesar's nephew?
A young officer of Brutus

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