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In which Year did the USA team reach the final four in the World Cup?
Which national team never lost a penalty shootout in the WorldCup?
How many points does a team get for winning a game during the group stage?
Who qualifies automatically for the World Cup?
Which country has the most World Cup wins?
How many times have they won?
Who won the last World Cup in South Africa?
Who was the runner-up?
How many penalty shots are taken for each team?
How much total overtime is played after regulation time?
Who won the golden boot in 2010?
Where will the next World Cup take place?
Where was the 1990 World Cup played?
How many games do you miss when given a direct red card?
what is the distance of a penalty kick? (In meters)
How many substitutes are you allowed for each team per game?
How many world Cups have there been to date?
Who won the 1954,1974 and 1990 World Cup? (Trick Question)
How many World Cups did the USA play in?
How many did the USA win?
Which country had 12 top 4 finishes?
How long between each World Cup?
How wide is an official goal (post to post in meters)
How many players can each team bring to the World Cup?
What is the FIFA presidents name?

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