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A- a small candy bar that consists of a coconut center topped with an almond and coated in chocolateThe Hershey Company
B- bubble gum that is shredded and contained in an aluminum pouch; created by pitcher Rob NelsonThe Wrigley Company
C- a 'J' shaped candy that is usually associated with ChristmasN/A
D- a brand of gum with flavors such as Shiver Mint and Mint MedleyCadbury Adams
E- a very buttery toffee often made with almondsN/A
F- a thick, chocolatey treat that is usually associated with the holidaysN/A
G- hard, spherical candies; also known as jawbreakersWilly Wonka Candy Company (Nestle)
H- a solid chocolate bar that inspired the name of a town in Pennsylvania.The Hershey Company
I- sugar-free gum and disc-shaped candy that comes in mint and sour flavorsThe Hershey Company
J- small, bean shaped candies with hard candy shells and gummy interiorsJelly Belly
K- light, crispy wafers covered in chocolateThe Hershey Company
L- small, round candies famous for their lemon flavorFerarra Pan
M- small, round chocolate candies with colorful hard candy shellsMars
N- tiny, irregular shaped sweets that come in a variety of flavorsWilly Wonka Candy Company (Nestle)
O- gum including flavors like Strawberry Mint and Fabulous FrutiniThe Wrigley Company
P- pressed, dry blocks of candy; famous for their dispensers, which are widely collectedPEZ Candy
Q- a special gum meant to relieve the dry mouths of athletesQuench Company
R- raisins coated in either milk or dark chocolateNestle
S- gummy, cuboid-shaped, fruit-flavored soft taffy candyThe Wrigley Company
T- a candy bar consisting of a butter cookie topped with caramel and then coated in chocolateMars
W- hard, round candies famous for their extremely sour flavorImpact Confections/Funtastic Limited
Y- a gooey mint center covered in chocolateThe Hershey Company
Z- sour, chewy candies that are part of the Mike and Ike BrandJust Born

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