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Most simple glass piece with finger hole carborator
Glass piece with a water beaker under the bowl and a finger hole carb.
Tool used to break down ingredients and make life much easier
Apparatus in which the ingredient is placed on a heated plae and then covered by a glass bowl. Once heated the smoke is inhaled through a hose
A device once used to keep toxic gasses out of your lungs, but now used to completely rip your face off and **** your head
Usually homemade smoking apparatus in which a 5 gallon bucket, half of a milk jug, a socket and water are used to **** your mind. . .
Long cylindrical glass piece with a bowl on top with a carb on the end you cover up with your hand.
Long-necked glass piece with a beaker holding water at the bottom and a stem carborator
Brown leaf used to bring together friends and honestly the only way to do it right. . .
Thin white sheets. Wiz's favorite
The product of taking all the tobbacco out of a cigarette and replacing it with your ingredient.

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