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QUIZ: Can you name the Anime by Supporting Character Names.?

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Supporting Character(s)Anime
Lisanna, Wendy
Konohamaru, Sai
Gekkou, Hinata
Yukari, Ohyama
Keigo, Tatsuki
Myoga, Rin
Puar, Oolong
Tokunaga, Ion
Vita, Arf
Biancca, Cilan
Utamaru, Miharu
Supporting Character(s)Anime
Zansu, Sabato
Hatori, Kisa
May, Izumi
Jonathan, Wakaouji
Reki, Riko
Nodoka, Sawako
Dia, Utau
Rio, Eyes
Sato, Nazuna
Kanon, Haqua

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