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Name of the book Tara was reading while in Super Save-A-Bunch
Color of the hat Lettie Mae was wearing when she told Mable that Tara had a demon in her
State where vampire marriage is legal
Name of Fangtasia's accountant
Pharmacy where Miss Jeanette worked
Name of waitress Sam and Sookie spoke to at Big Patty's Pie House
Name of Jessica's sister
What color recycle container does Bill say Tru Blood and other glass products go in
Pam's favorite color
The number Sophie-Anne hates in Yahtzee
Color of bedsheets in the 2nd Eric and Sookie dream in Season 2
One of the adult vampire movies Sookie finds on the TV menu at the hotel
The first animal we see Daphne shift into
Classic balck and white movie LaFayette watched in Season 1 while waxing his chest
Brand of beer was Sarah Newlin suggestively drinking in Jason's daydream
What Sookie told Renee that was funny about his thoughts
Broke the news to Jason that Gran was killed
Name of Malcom's human
Brand of lip liner Pam used while talking to Jessica in the bathroom
What MaryAnn's ostrich egg represented

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