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Elizabeth Taylor's name before Charlotte changed it
The first girl to babysit Brady alone
The item Carrie didn't take to Paris
One of the three characters that dated African American men
The name of the guy Miranda met in her kick boxing class
Where Trey was when Charlotte went to court with Bunny
Name of magazine Marcus had an ad in
Was with Carrie when she first tried the trapeze
What is SSB
Who was Nina Graboski
The hotel the girls stayed at in Atlantic City
Who reviewed Carrie's book
What Miranda replaced Steve with
The piece of furniture Carrie bought from Aidan
Broke up with a guy over a disagreement about China patterns
Who Carrie spotted through her opera glasses
Had to break up with a recovering alcoholic who became addicted to her
The women sucked on this while Samantha was getting chemo
Dated Aidan after Carrie
The kind of ring Richard gave Samantha
One of the celebrities Carrie said attended the party for Gab magazine
The name of Berger's first book
What Debbie gave Steve to give to Miranda
The brand of watch Trey gave Charlotte
Who Carrie quit smoking for
What did Berger and Carrie shop for at Bed, Bath and Beyond
Wanted Charlotte out of her Park Avenue apartment
Learns that she is a 'tongue thruster'
How many mice appeared on the show
Which boyfriend had a pool on the roof of his apartment
The animal shape of the purse Big gave to Carrie

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