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Drink Samantha threw in Richard's face
T/F - Samantha had sex with Capote Duncan
The restaurant where Samantha met Smith
Name of Samantha's boyfriend who lacked in size
What kinda soda was Samantha's childhood cold remedy
Neighborhood Samantha moves to
Who was the other Sam Jones
How many of Richard's female friends crashed Samantha's Hampton's party
T/F - Samantha babysat Brady
Who came between Samantha and her African-American lover
Walked in on Samantha and the Worldwide Express guy
The design Samantha got when her trainer shaved her
Exclusive club Samantha pretended to be a member of
Who Samantha met at drag queen bingo
What store opening did Samantha say was ruining the meat packing distict
Samantha's fake name at the Soho House
Samantha's last name
Who stole Samantha's rolodex
Name Samantha's lesbian girlfriend
Brand of wallet Richard gave to Samantha

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