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How old was Jenny Brier when she first performed oral sex
What Magda put in Miranda's kitchen
T/F Charlotte told Trey she loved him first
The sport Charlotte played her whole honeymoon
Number of HIV tests Miranda had
Was with Carrie when she met Aidan
Brand of shoe that fell off of Carrie's foot when she missed the ferry
Who chewed his food but didn't swallow
T/F - Carrie got mugged for her Jimmy Choo's
T/F - 'Running With Scissors' is the first episode Anthony is in
T/F Steve had fewer lovers than Miranda
The hotel Carrie goes to when Aidan is making too much noise stripping her floors
What were Charlotte and Trey shopping for when he gave her the prenup
T/F - The Playboy Bunny had a real Fendi
What Natasha collects
The song Natasha walked down the aisle to
The color Big painted his bedroom wall
Big says everything is what color in his apartment
Charlotte's engagement ring is from what store
T/F Charlotte was the last to find out about Carrie's affair
Aidan's wedding gift for Charlotte and Trey
The opera Charlotte saw with Carrie
What Matthew McConaughey said Carrie shouldn't do in the movie
T/F - Charlotte was called a '****' during sex
What brand of purse did Charlotte say her tampons won't fit in
The STD Miranda contracted
The body part Charlotte hates
The first person Carrie tells about her affair with Big
Who is the 'everything but' girl

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