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Name of Big's movie star girlfriend
T/F - Carrie got drunk at Vogue
The shape of diamond on the first ring Aidan got Carrie
Brand of shoes Carrie got for her last night with Big
The gay club the girls went to in 'All That Glitters'
T/F - Most of the data was recovered from Carrie's computer
What is SSB
Color of balloons Big brought Carrie for her birthday
Magazine that photographed Charlotte's apartment
Who decorated Trey's apartment
Samantha lost what when Miranda's mother died
Who had the same rattle Miranda got at her baby shower
Who Steve named his bar after
Calls while Carrie and Aidan are having sex
Who gets testicular cancer
T/F - Samantha meets Richard in the episode 'Belles Of The Balls'
Where Big was moving
Color of the Chanel wallet Richard gave Samantha
T/F - Miranda thought she had a ghost in her apartment
The episode when Miranda finds out she is pregnant
Samantha's lesbian girlfriend
Carrie's 'scary age'
T/F - Carrie used Big's check to pay for her apartment
T/F - Carrie had a panic attack when she tried on a wedding gown
The law firm on Carrie's eviction papers
Miranda's neck goes out on her while talking to who
Supermodel who modeled Dolce & Gabbana with Carrie
One of the celebrities the girls fantasize about
Year of Manolos Pete chewed up
Name of jazz musician Carrie dated

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