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Can you name the Inventions and Natural Resources?

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If you paid attention to your notes....
Santa will give you this if you are naughty!
It is in skyscrapers!
It comes from oil and goes is your car!
You remove carbon from what to get steel?
Much like a baby boom...'cept with oil.
Alexander Graham Bell is known for...?
Thomas Edison made...the...
Who helped invent the telephone? (The guy that isn't so well known!)
If you paid attention to your notes....
Bonus! What did Christopher Stoles invent? You type on it!
What is that icky reddish stuff that forms on iron?
Who does Mr. McIntyre look the least like?
Steel made the Brooklyn ------? (Or the Golden Gate)
In what odd place was the wireless mouse last found?
A growing what demanded more natural resources? (Think about a word startin with 'P')
Keeping food in cans --------- them so they could stay good longer.
What team made this quiz?

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