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What is the name of the department store where Buddy worked?
What star of a Christmas classic has a cameo in Elf?
What is Buddy's girlfriend's name?
What is the name of the duet that Buddy sings in the women's locker room?
Who is the last to say good-bye when Buddy is leaving to find his father?
What was the brand name of the diapers Buddy wore as a baby?
What animal does Buddy try to hug
What is Buddy's brother's name?
Who says, 'But, the children love the books?'
What does the fake Santa smell like?
In what famous landmark does Buddy's real father work?
What 'special' gift does Buddy send to his Dad?
What is Buddy's real mom's name?
Where does Santa land his sleigh in NYC?
Finish this line: 'Buddy the Elf...'
Who narrates the story?
What is Walter Hobb's assistants name?
What toy does Buddy have to test because he is 'special'?
Gum on the sidewalk is not...
How large are the toilets in NYC?

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