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Ada Simmonds
Dennis Jamieson
Helen Gordon
Caroline Jamieson
Bunny Howard
Hilary Templeton
Mark Holland
'Flint' Stone
Toni Sheffield
Laura Denham
Anne-Marie Austin
Dr. Raymond Shaw
Dr. Graham Steele
Dr. Brian Denham
Dr. Jim Howard
Dr. Greg Mason
Dr. Craig Rothwell
Dr. Gail Henderson
Dr. John Forrest
Dr. Chris Piper
Dr. Mike Newman
Dr. Ben Fielding
Dr. Peter Holland
Dr. Tony Garcia
Dr. Rod Langley
Dr. Liz Kennedy
Dr. Susan Richards
Dr. Robyn Porter
Dr. Russell Edwards
Dr. Lance Wilkinson
Dr. Nick Barrett
Dr. Andrew Baxter
Dr. Vincent Snape
Dr. Matt Blake
Dr. David Henderson
Dr. Vicki Daniels
Sister Grace Scott
Sister Suzanne Gibbs
Sister Vivienne Jeffries
Sister Eve Turner
Sister Tania Livingston
Sister Erin Cosgrove
Nurse Jo-Jo Adams
Nurse Jill Gordon
Nurse Kim Barrington
Nurse Lisa Brooks
Nurse Sherry Andrews
Nurse Kate Rhodes
Nurse Julie Holland
Nurse Maggie Gordon
Nurse Jody Carter
Nurse Dolly Davis
Nurse Virginia Mason
Nurse Linda Wilson
Nurse Zelda Baker
Nurse Genevieve Ridgeway

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