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QUIZ: Can you name the Sons and Daughters Cast?

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John Palmer
Angela Hamilton
Patricia Hamilton
David Palmer
Beryl Palmer
Gordon Hamilton
Wayne Hamilton
Kevin Palmer
Lynn Palmer
Susan Palmer #1
Barbara Hamilton
Fiona Thompson
Andy Green
Charlie Bartlett
Jill Taylor
Rob Keegan
Amanda Morrell
Stephen Morrell
Katie O'Brien
Caroline Morrell
Leigh Palmer
Irene Fisher
Alison Carr
Glen Young
Craig Maxwell
Susan Palmer #2
Doug Fletcher
Bill Todd
Prue Armstrong
Paul Sheppard
Martin Healy
Rosie Andrews
Doug Palmer
Tony Parker
Terry Hansen
Margaret Dunne
Dee Morrell
Mike O'Brien
Heather O'Brien
Jeff O'Brien
Jim O'Brien
Roger Carlyle
Luke Carlyle
Karen Fox
Alan Brandon
Bob Mitchell
Samantha Morrell
Roland Armstrong
Adam Tate
Sally Tate
Rod Campbell
Jess Campbell
Julie Webb
'Spider' Webb
Kelly Burns
Brett Keegan
Tim Palmer
Donna Jackson
Mary Reynolds
Jenny Turner
Colin Turner
Ginny Doyle
Janice Reid
Debbie Halliday
May Walters
Ruby Hawkins
Owen Brooke
Neville Curtis
Michael Benson
Tick McCarthy
Pamela Hudson
Nick Benson
Todd Buckley
Greg Hudson
Sarah Hudson

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