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QUIZ: Can you name the Howards' Way cast?

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Tom Howard
Jan Howard
Ken Masters
Charles Frere
Jack Rolfe
Avril Rolfe
Kate Harvey
Leo Howard
Lynne Howard
Abby Urquhart
Polly Urquhart
Gerald Urquhart
Sir Edward Frere
Laura Wilde
Vanessa Andenberg
Bill Sayers
Sir John Stevens
Dawn Williams
Davy Malik
Phil Norton
Claude Dupont
Richard Shellet
David Lloyd
Sarah Foster
Mark Foster
Curtis Jaeger
Orrin Hudson
Amanda Parker
Emma Neesome
Admiral Redfern
Mike Hanley
Anna Lee
James Brooke
Richard Spencer
Vicki Rockwell
Robert Hastings
Jenny Richards
Tony Munroe
David Relton
Pierre Challon

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