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The War Lover (Philip Leacock, 1962)
Captain Buzz Rickson 
Lt. Ed Bolland 
Daphne Caldwell 
Mystery Submarine (C.M. Pennington-Richards, 1963)
Lt. Cmdr. Tarlton 
Rear Admiral Rainbird 
Lt. Seaton 
The Password is Courage (Andrew Stone, 1963)
Sgt. Maj. Charles Coward 
Corporal Bill Pope 
The Victors (Carl Foreman, 1963)
Russian soldier 
633 Squadron (Walter Grauman, 1964)
Wing Cmdr. Roy Grant 
Flying Off. 'Hoppy' Hopkinson 
Lt. Erik Bergman 
Hilde Bergman 
Air Vice Marshal Davis 
Group Captain Don Barrett 
Triple Cross (Terence Young, 1966)
Eddie Chapman 
British Intelligence Officer 
Colonel Steinhager 
Colonel Baron von Grunen 
Attack on the Iron Coast (Paul Wendkos, 1967)
Major James Wilson 
Captain Owen Franklin 
Rear Admiral Sir Frederick Grafton 
Submarine X-1 (William Graham, 1968)
Cmdr. Bolton 
Lt. Davies 
Where Eagles Dare (Brian G. Hutton, 1968)
Major John Smith 
Lt. Morris Schaffer 
Mary Ellison 
Colonel Turner 
Admiral Rolland 
Captain Olaf Christiansen 
Captain Ted Berkeley 
Captain Lee Thomas 
General George Carnaby 
Sgt. Harrod 
Sgt. Jock MacPherson 
Wing Cmdr. Cecil Carpenter 
Colonel Paul Kramer 
General Julius Rosemeyer 
Major von Hapen 
Colonel Weissner 
Battle of Britain (Guy Hamilton, 1969)
Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding 
Air Vice Marshal Sir Keith Park 
Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory 
Squadron Leader Colin Harvey 
Section Officer Maggie Harvey 
Squadron Leader Canfield 
Sir David Kelly 
Squadron Leader Skipper 
Sergeant Pilot Andy 
Group Captain Barker 
Pilot Officer Archie 
Air Vice Marshal Douglas Evill 
Churchill's Military Envoy 
Squadron Leader Edwards 
Baron von Richter 
Hannibal Brooks (Michael Winner, 1969)
Stephen 'Hannibal' Brooks 
Colonel von Haller 
Mosquito Squadron (Boris Sagal, 1969)
Squadron Leader Quint Munroe 
Beth Scott 
Air Commodore Hufford 
Squadron Leader David Scott 
Play Dirty (Andre de Toth, 1969)
Captain Douglas 
Captain Cyril Leech 
Colonel Masters 
Brigadier Blore 
Hell Boats (Paul Wendkos, 1970)
Lt. Cmdr. Jeffords 
Commander Ashurst 
The Last Escape (Walter Grauman, 1970)
Captain Lee Mitchell 
Sgt. Henry McBee 
Lt. Donald Wilcox 
The McKenzie Break (Lamont Johnson, 1970)
Captain Jack Connor 
Major Perry 
Lt. Neuchi 
Hitler: The Last Ten Days (Ennio De Concini, 1973)
Adolf Hitler 
Captain Hoffman 
General Hans Krebs 
Hanna Reitsch 
Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel 
General von Greim 
Overlord (Stuart Cooper, 1975)
Force 10 From Navarone (Guy Hamilton, 1978)
Major Keith Mallory 
Colonel Mike Barnsby 
Sgt. John Miller 
Capt. Lescovar 
Maritza Petrovic 
Sgt. Weaver 
Capt. Drazak 
Escape to Athena (George Pan Cosmatos, 1979)
Major Otto Hecht 
Professor Blake 
Dottie Del Mar 
Charlie Hane 
Sgt. Nat Judson 
Hanover Street (Peter Hyams, 1979)
Lt. David Halloran 
Margaret Sellinger 
Paul Sellinger 
Major Trumbo Marty Lynch 
The Sea Wolves (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1980)
Colonel Lewis Pugh 
Captain Gavin Stewart 
Colonel W.H. Grice 
Jack Cartwright 
Mrs. Cromwell 
Eye of the Needle (Richard Marquand, 1981)
Henry Faber 
Lucy Rose 
David Rose 
Return from the River Kwai (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1988)
Major Benford 
Lt. Crawford 
Colonel Grayson 
Seaman Miller 
Lt. Tanaka 

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