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Can you name every Mario Kart track in the history of the franchise?

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GameTrackRank (on top 145 MK tracks)
[DS] Tick Tock Clock8.5
[Wii U] Mount Wario43
[Wii] Maple Treeway21.5
[Wii] Koopa Cape73.5
[DS] Waluigi Pinball 14
[GCN] Wario Colosseum93
[N64] Yoshi Valley114.5
[Wii] Mushroom Gorge134.5
[Wii U] Electrodrome132.5
[DS] Airship Fortress136.5
[Wii U] Wild Woods128
[Wii U] Big Blue76.5
[Wii U] Sunshine Airport118
[Wii] Coconut Mall40
[3DS] Rainbow Road47
[3DS] Piranha Plant Slide62
[3DS] Music Park44.5
[Wii U] Super Bell Subway82.5
[Wii] DK Summit40.5
[GCN] DK Mountain128
[N64] Rainbow Road81.5
[Wii U] Cloudtop Cruise103
[GCN] Baby Park107
[Wii] Toad's Factory32.5
[Wii] Rainbow Road112.5
[Wii U] Shy Guy Falls115
[Wii] Grumble Volcano66.5
[3DS] Neo Bowser City21
[GBA] Sky Garden14.5
[3DS] Rock Rock Mountain79
[GBA] Cheese Land35
[GBA] Ribbon Road85.5
[Wii U] Toad Harbor40.5
[SNES] Rainbow Road112
[Wii U] Rainbow Road45.5
[GCN] Mushroom City46
[Wii U] Mute City20
[N64] Bowser's Castle91.5
[Wii U] Bowser's Castle19.5
[Wii U] Thwomp Ruins77.5
[DS] Delfino Square44.5
[GCN] Yoshi Circuit132
[3DS] Maka Wuhu130.5
[Wii U] Hyrule Circuit91
[Wii U] Animal Crossing69
[N64] Toad's Turnpike92
[Wii U] Dolphin Shoals74
[Wii] Bowser's Castle8
[Wii] Wario's Gold Mine46
GameTrackRank (on top 145 MK tracks)
[GCN] Dino Dino Jungle96.3
[3DS] DK Jungle111
[Wii U] Excitebike Arena133.5
[GCN] Bowser's Castle96
[N64] Royal Raceway126.5
[Wii] Moonview Highway27.5
[GCN] Sherbet Land42
[GCN] Waluigi Stadium71
[N64] Kalimari Desert56.5
[3DS] Wuhu Loop120
[DS] Rainbow Road124.5
[DS] Wario Stadium5
[GCN] Mushroom Bridge70
[DS] Bowser's Castle102
[3DS] Wario's Shipyard122.5
[3DS] Rosalina's Ice World117
[Wii U] Sweet Sweet Canyon117
[N64] Choco Mountain67.5
[Wii U] Twisted Mansion41
[GBA] Rainbow Road4
[DS] Luigi's Mansion116.5
[Wii U] Dragon Driftway117.5
[N64] Koopa Troopa Beach121.5
[Wii U] Ice Ice Outpost120
[Wii U] Water Park115
[N64] Banshee Boardwalk92.5
[N64] Wario Stadium98.5
[Wii] Dry Dry Ruins104.5
[Wii] Moo Moo Meadows116.5
[GBA] Sunset Wilds132.5
[GBA] Bowser Castle 382.5
[N64] DK's Jungle Parkway99
[Wii] Daisy Circuit110
GameTrackRank (on top 145 MK tracks)

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