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Scientific ContributionsScientist (First and Last Names)
Used cathode ray tube to discover electrons and isotopes. (Cookie Dough model.)
Ancient greek who came up with the idea of 'atomos' as being an indestructible, microscopic particle of all matter
Used X-rays to discover that each element had a particular number of protons which dedicated it's order and groupings on the Periodic Table.
The Bohr model of the atom had electrons orbiting in the exact energy levels based on their emission spectra.
The Gold Foil Experiment - Fired positively charged radiation at very thin gold foil. Showed that the atom was made of mostly empty space with a small, postively charged nucleus, w
Created the first atomic theory.
Used 'Oil Drop Experiment' to measure the charge of a single electron.
Put elements in order of atomic weight, and then grouped according to chemical properties (weight, other elementa they will bond with, etc.)
Came up with the 'Uncertainty Principle.'
Came up with the idea of the quantum nature of energy.

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