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the directions given to a computer also called programs
the people who write computer programs
giving a mechanism the directions to accomplish a task
the goal of solving a problem
the lines that connect the symbols in a flowchart
the control used to display an image on the form
the window that displays the properties of the selected object
the scope of a block variable
the structure used in a program to indicate that a decision needs to be made
another term for logical operators
a selection structure contained within another selection structure
used to convert a string temporarily to lowercase
the data type for storing alphanumeric text
a control that limits the user to only one choice
the errors in an application's code
represents the backspace key on a keyboard
occurs each time the user presses a key while the control has the focus
a loop whose condition is evaluated after the instructions
a numeric variable used for counting something
the input instruction that appears above the loop that it controls
another term for updating things
a numeric variable used for accumulating
used to delay program execution
an error that occurs while an application is running
another name for the ampersand (&)
another term for a runtime error
the visual basic statement used to invoke a sub procedure
an item listed within parentheses in a Call Statement

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