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Can you name the NES games given a person*, place, and thing that appear in each one?

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Person, Place, ThingGame
Robert, Tower of Lahja, Shuriken
Roll, Monsteropolis, Magnet Beam
Oz Windham, Fangbacks Building, Vaccine
Astos, Melmond, Oxyale
Questor, Treasure Room, Key
Kraid, Tourian, Long Beam
Iggy, Grass Land, Kuribo's Shoe
Super Joe, Area 7, Orange Communicator
Ferryman, Berkeley Mansion, Oak Stake
Person, Place, ThingGame
Princess Gwaelin, Hawksness, Rainbow Drop
Red Falcon, Snow Field, Rapid Fire
Bagu, New Kasuto, Flute
Diane, Scorpion Desert, Cigarettes
Kandar, Samanao, Meteorite Armband
Hawkwind, Buccaneer's Den, Manroot
Dr. Jones, Miracola, Scroll of Obob
Tom Guycot, Route 9, Ultra Food
Malkil, Purple Caves, Feather of Feather Fall

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