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Can you name the player 2 character from these video games?

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Player 1Player 2Game
MarioMario Bros.
BillyDouble Dragon
BubBubble Bobble
BladeBad Dudes vs. DragonNinja
Donkey KongDonkey Kong Country
RickCyber Lip
RalfIkari Warriors
Diddy KongDonkey Kong Country 2
Gunstar RedGunstar Heroes
ZekeZombies Ate My Neighbours
Marco RossiMetal Slug
Bill RizerContra
Blaster KeatonAero Fighters
Alex KiddAlex Kidd: The Lost Stars
LouThree Wonders
Michelle HeartLegendary Wings
PopoIce Climber
The PunisherThe Punisher
Casber RublanVarth: Operation Thunderstorm
Lieutenant HenrySide Arms Hyper Dyne
Player 1Player 2Game
Rad SpencerBionic Commando
KirbyKirby's Dreamland 3
Marcus FenixGears of War
RoboBonanza Bros.
Dixie KongDonkey Kong Country 3
Joanna DarkPerfect Dark
AlexRiver City Ransom
Vic ViperSalamander
HayateShadow of the Ninja
SonicSonic the Hedgehog 2
LeoWonder Boy III: Monster Lair
TamRod Land
LeilaRolling Thunder 2
Orin8 Eyes
RickyAlien Syndrome
BenCrack Down
OlimarPikmin 2
Red BaronSky Kid
AthenaPsycho Soldier
Michael Hardy (Rage)Virtua Cop

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