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Can you name the every character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance?

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PrologueAlly - Ranger
PrologueEnemy - Hero
Chapter 1Ally - Paladin
Chapter 1Ally - Lance Knight
Chapter 1Ally - Fighter
Chapter 1Enemy - Bandit
Chapter 2Ally - Priest
Chapter 2Enemy - Bandit
Chapter 3Ally - Sniper
Chapter 3Ally - Knight
Chapter 3Enemy - Bandit
Chapter 4Ally - Mage
Chapter 4Enemy - Knight
Chapter 5Enemy - Knight
Chapter 6Enemy - Halberdier
Chapter 6NPC - General
Chapter 7Ally - Myrmidon
Chapter 7Enemy - Sage
Chapter 8Ally - Mage
Chapter 8Enemy - Knight
Chapter 8NPC - Vendor
Chapter 8NPC - Vendor
Chapter 8NPC - Vendor
Chapter 8NPC - Vendor
Chapter 9Ally - Cleric
Chapter 9Ally - Archer
Chapter 9Ally - Pegasus Knight
Chapter 9Enemy - Bandit
Chapter 9Enemy - Halberdier
Chapter 9NPC - Lion
Chapter 10Ally - Beast tribe
Chapter 10Ally - Beast tribe
Chapter 10Ally - Thief
Chapter 10Enemy - General
Chapter 10NPC - Bishop
Chapter 11Ally - Axe Knight
Chapter 11Ally - Knight
Chapter 11Ally - Soldier
Chapter 11Ally - Myrmidon
Chapter 11Enemy - Paladin
Chapter 12Ally - Thief
Chapter 12Ally - Wyvern Rider
Chapter 12Enemy - Raven
Chapter 12NPC - Pilgrim
Chapter 12NPC - Dragon tribe
Chapter 13Ally - Bow Knight
Chapter 13Enemy - Sniper
Chapter 13NPC - Falcon Knight
Chapter 13NPC - Saint
Chapter 13NPC - Empress
Chapter 13NPC - Dragon Tribe
Chapter 14Ally - Sword Knight
Chapter 14Enemy - Berserker
Chapter 14NPC - Bishop
Chapter 14NPC - Bishop
Chapter 15Ally - Mage
Chapter 15Ally - Beast tribe
Chapter 15Ally - Swordmaster
Chapter 15NPC - Bird tribe
Chapter 16Ally - Halberdier
Chapter 16Enemy - General
Chapter 17Enemy - Bishop
Chapter 18Ally - Falcon Knight
Chapter 18Ally - Bird tribe
Chapter 18Ally - Bird tribe
Chapter 18Ally - Bird tribe
Chapter 18Enemy - Sage
Chapter 18NPC - Heron
Chapter 19Enemy - Swordmaster
Chapter 20Ally - Sage
Chapter 20Enemy - Wyvern Lord
Chapter 21Ally - General
Chapter 21Enemy - General
Chapter 22Enemy - Warrior
Chapter 22NPC - Bishop
Chapter 23Ally - Wyvern Lord
Chapter 23Ally - Beast tribe
Chapter 23Enemy - Paladin
Chapter 24Ally - Sage
Chapter 24Ally - Swordmaster
Chapter 24Enemy - Paladin
Chapter 25Ally - Paladin
Chapter 25Ally - Berserker
Chapter 25Enemy - Wyvern Lord
Chapter 25NPC - Bird tribe
Chapter 26Ally - Princess Crimea
Chapter 26Enemy - Paladin
Chapter 26NPC - Paladin
Chapter 27Enemy - Halberdier
Chapter 27Enemy - General
Chapter 28Ally - Dragon tribe
Chapter 28Ally - Dragon tribe
Chapter 28Enemy - Sage
Chapter 28NPC - Summoner
FinalAlly - Bird tribe
FinalAlly - Bird tribe
FinalAlly - Beast tribe
FinalEnemy - General
FinalEnemy - King Daein
FinalNPC - Civilian

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