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Forced Order
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The lake containing the island which ended the war between the First Men and the children
Hill where Erreg the Kinslayer's tried to cut down the weirwood and defeated a joint force of children and First Men. The place is still shunned by rivermen.
The first war between the Rhoynar and Valyria between the cities of Sar Mell and Volon Therys
Term the smallfolk use for 'obsidian'
Valyrian term for 'obsidian'
City known for the creation of the eunach slave solders called the Unsullied
The greatest of the cities on the Rhoyne, a festival city, with a great Palace of Love, now known as 'The Sorrows'
Legendary hero of the followers of R'hllor that ended the generation long winter
Legendary Andal king crowned by the Seven themselves and promised great kingdoms in a foreign land for his descendant
River in Sothoryos infested with carnivorous fish and worms that lay eggs in swimmers
A city built upon slavery and was among the first places to have civilization
Dornish lord who took Nymeria to wife, increasing the size of his host by tenfold
Ancient artifact which serves as the single piece of evidence of a third ancient race
Volantene faction who favored peace after the fall of Valyria
Number of Valyrian steel blades in the Seven Kingdoms, according to Archmaester Thurgood's Inventories
Realm ruled by the Andals before they crossed into Westeros
Rhoynish city on the Qhoyne known for halls of green marble
A priestess who took a group of followers away from Nymeria back to Mother Rhoyne
Legendary brothers who used trickery to resolve a dispute over a cavern between giants and children
Volcanic mountains surroundng Valyria
Location in Dorne which connected to Essos with a land bridge in ancient times
Haunted city in Sothoryos where every one of the Rhoynar who settled vanished overnight
Slaver's bay city known for its fighting pits
Lgendary founder of the Ghiscari empire
Seat of House Martell when Nymeria arrived in Dorne
Material children of the forest used to make bows
Legendary battle in which he first men of the Night's Watch banded together to defeat the Others
A winter that lasted a generation
The newest of the Slaver's Bay cities on an island with an army of free soldiers
Rhoynish prince from Chroyane who called for a great alliance against Valyria
Peninsula where the Andals originate from
Confederation that survived the Valyrian expansion but eventually fell to the Dothraki
King whose lineage ruled the Iron Islands for a thousand years before it was extinguished by the Andal conquest
The road that joins Valyria to Slaver's Bay
Skinchangers who controlled wolves and direwolves
King of the Trident defeated in Andal conquest
Legendary Andal hero who rode upon a falcon to slay the Griffon King upon the Giant's Lance
Ranger who claims to have fought giants and traded with children during the reign of Aegon V
Rhoynish port city on the Summer Sea which was put to the torch by Valyria and had its ruins sowed with salt
Nickname for Braavos referring to its hidden origin
The wise men of the children of the forest
Author of Unnatural History who claimed that the children could speak with ravens
Trees where children carved faces and claimed to be able to see through the eyes
First area where the Rhoynar went in their exodus, but the corsair kings allowed them only the Isle of Toads
Island where the pact was made that ended the war between the First Men and the children where all the weirwoods have been carved
Dothraki name for Westeros meaning 'Land of the Andals'
The yellow city ruled by the Wise Masters which sells bed slaves
Volantenes who favored conquest after the fall of Valyria
Rhoynar city in the Velvet Hills known for groves and waterfalls

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